Sunday, February 26, 2006


As my previous post probably told you, I got to see Wilderness last week at the Cake Shop in LES. They were fantastic. The lead singer is a bit odd. I lost my perfect front of stage seats, cause I saw a girl from high school so i went to go talk to her. sorry the photos arent closer shots. Try to see if you can see the guitarists face. It was bright red the whole night, he was seriously just playing with all he had.

San Serac

So a few weeks ago i went to check out Wilderness at The Cake Shop. Little to my surprise, i would actually check out some dude named San Serac, who was the opener. His shit was amazing. He plugged his iPod into the speakers, and he had a little keyboard and electronic drumpad. The music came on, and he just went nuts, it was most excellent. He would dance and sing jsut bobbing around the stage. Occasionally he would play some keys, or hit the drum pads to trigger cowbells or timbales. Check him out if he comes near your town.

This is just great

I mean this was a real bumper sticker. I thought it was the best thing i had seen in such a long time.

Friday, February 10, 2006

that will arnett is hilarious

I just saw this clip. I had no idea how funny he was.