Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mike Ladd Domestica: The Final Theater in the Infesticons Saga

So on March 9th my friend Thomas and I went to see Mike Ladd's theatre/music production of Infesticon vs Majesticon creating a domesticon show. It was pretty decent. Here's a write up i read on

"Rapper, musician, and hip-hop conceptualist, Mike Ladd pushes the boundaries of experimental hip-hop with his political and sonic explorations, which he describes as “post-futurist soul music”. Accompanied by a crew of MCs and musicians, Ladd performs songs from his acclaimed Since Infesticons/Majesticons trilogy of albums. This series is based on Ladd’s invented sci-fi narrative that chronicles a fictitious rap battle over hip-hop’s future fought between two rival factions, represented alternatively as the assimilated “commercial mainstream” and the rebellious “underground contingent”. The evening also includes the New York-debut of new tracks from the final trilogy installment, Domesticons."

that last picture is ladd and me

Scotch Rocks

Last night I went to check out my old friend Chris Canney's band, Sotch Rocks, at a bar near my apt named Sin-e. They were really F'ing good. If any one gets the chance to see them, I would highly recommend it. I couldnt get a good shot, but here are some pics from the show

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Matthew Dear @ R & R

Tonight I got to check out Audion (Mathew Dear) from the Ghosty Intl crew. He spun a good set, but the crowd just wasnt there. I am surprised for a name as big as his, and with all the hype i read, that there werent more ppl there.

Here is a pic my boy Thomas snapped of Matthew and me. I know, i look like a pure goofball in this, not sure what's up with the smile.